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i'm fairly lax about who i add & i love meeting new people :)
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you can never look back

haha SO

HI. i'd like to apologize a million times over for being the worst and not answering a ton of the correspondence i've received over the last few weeks. i have--predictably /o\--once more been wallowing in a state of antisocial self-pity that i really refuse to indulge any longer because it is the start of A New Month! so uh, please be very assured that i love all of you guys and i am totally working on being less neurotic. <3333

IN OTHER NEWS, ever since graduating i've felt like my brain has been in a state of slow liquefaction. the realization that i haven't read an actual paper in two and a half months makes me despair and panic about whether or not i even remember how to interpret a flow cytometry graph. to fix this, i've decided that my livejournal is suddenly going to start looking much more academic--i really need to be synthesizing new information and not just taking it in. in the upcoming entries, i'll be writing summaries of papers from pubmed central at a level that bio 101 students should be able to understand. and i'll probably also be writing about books i've been reading (probably mostly nonfiction) because i've been using my kindle obsessively and always end up have like fifty billion things i want to talk about and can never figure out where to do it.

now i'm gonna go wander off to watch homeland. COME TO MY LAPTOP SCREEN, DAMIAN LEWIS.
you can never look back

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i'm technically on hiatus for thesis reasons--which is, obviously, when i chose to update my livejournal...

oh my god guys i have wasted so much money on reagents


also i really want to start using my lj more often because i miss it and reblogging pictures of benedict cumberbatch's face is not the same as being introspective about what's happening in my life. will be back sometime in july with Proper Updates and everything! <3
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hi friends! <3

this might be a long shot but are there any fulbright scholars on my flist? or anyone who can put me in contact with a fulbright scholar?

(aka, guess who has been looking at hypothetical futures instead of writing her thesis? /o\ BACK TO WORK, SELF.)

ETA - also, anyone with contacts to any university in hong kong, preferably in some biological field?
ETA2 - or contacts at any chinese university!
you can never look back

fuck yeah update.

things i'm writing:

war fandom
phenomenon!verse with 5 arcs: lipton/speirs (fbi), nate/brad (senate), andy/eddie (white house), ray/walt (on the run), roe/babe&renee (philly). omg i've been thinking about this fic for ages you guys don't even know. i've got these moments in my head they just need to be transferred to paper in a coherent manner.

the eagle
i swear to god i'm going to write this grad school au because cranky fourth year!esca is still one of my favorite things and i haven't forgotten about it jkasdfasd.

1. so once upon a time paitac was like hey you know what this fandom needs? a bonnie and clyde au and i was like SHIT SON I AM SHAMELESSLY STEALING THAT IDEA. i actually cannot wait to write this because i refined some of the details leading up to the climax the other day in the shower and it's just kalsjdfalsdkaj I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT, I LIKE ALMOST SCREAMED WHEN I REALIZED HOW PERFECT EVERYTHING WAS FITTING INTO PLACE.

2. sequel to equilibrium--i always have like, these weirdly peaceful moments of sherlock actually not being a huge dick while john recovers in the midst of this huge media shitstorm about the ~scientific implications~ of john's research. ok who am i kidding, this is just an excuse for me to waffle on about science. and because i promised it to anonbegone porn. all of the porn that was missing from the first fic. :D

3. in the middle of reading do androids dream of electric sheep? and omg i'm like about a fourth of the way through and my brain will NOT STOP with "oh my god what if sherlock was mycroft's android who escaped? what if he's been hiding out on earth by being a ~consulting bounty hunter~ because the idea that an android would help humans kill their own kind is insane. what if john falls in love with sherlock and then has to have a huge existential crisis because sherlock is an ANDROID? WHAT IF MYCROFT SENDS A DIRECTIVE TO HUNT HIS OLD ANDROID DOWN BUT NOBODY KNOWS THAT IT'S SHERLOCK? WHAT IF I ACTUALLY HAD TIME TO WRITE FIC?

my thesis.
you can never look back

aw yeahhh ALL OF THE FIC

Man, I expected to jump a lot more into fandom than I have been doing so far this summer and I feel a little bad for the inactivity on my end. I think it's because I've been a lot busier IRL--I'v been putting in full time and then some on my research project. When I get home, it's pretty much just making dinner and watching some movie/catching up on all the shows I haven't seen this semester and chillin with the roommate. Plus, I've been slowly readjusting my sleeping schedule so I'm not going to sleep at 4am regularly, haha.

REGARDLESS, I do still have a bunch of fics in progress and I thought I'd just list all of the projects I'm writing so far--both for my own reference and also for anyone interested. :D

Collapse )

Also I have like, a million recommendation posts I need to format (including my like, three favorite fics in the ENTIRE WORLD) and also a bunch of picspams that I've been meaning to make for ages (LIKE CHANNING TATUM AS A WANNABE HIPSTER). And I've been uploading a bunch of stuff to megaupload and I have so much music that I want to share with you guys and basically I've just been lazy lazy lazy. Also, tired.

you can never look back

/rubs face against livejournal

Hey guys! Long time no see, yeah? :D Real life has been keeping me really busy and I apparently am spending pretty much all of spring break studying but thooooose are boring (I'm mad at science right now lol) and I'd rather talk about fandom anyway so:


Changi - I haven't found the time (and when I do, I keep forgetting because I am a HUGE FAILURE 8|) to watch this yet but from what I hear, it is pretty much MINDBLOWINGLY AMAZING. SOMETHING ALONG THE LINES OF WAR FANDOM + MUSICALS? Leon Ford (Hillbilly) is in it! I HAVE SEEN DANCING GIFS OF IT! THE POINT IS, IT IS PRETTY EPIC AND IF YOU ARE IN WAR FANDOM, YOU SHOULD PROBABLY DOWNLOAD IT. :D

Hawaii Five-0 - Okay, I admit I was intrigued about this show because I kept staring longingly at fic in this fandom by gyzym and moonythestrals so I downloaded the first few eps, was kind of appalled at how terrible the writing was...and promptly kept watching because the level of bromance/gay between the two leads was like being hit in the forehead with a 4x4 made of sparkly rainbow diamonds. SERIOUSLY THIS SHOW IS SO STUPID BUT I SPENT ALL OF YESTERDAY MARATHONING IT ANYWAY. THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY THEY COULD FIT SO MUCH STUFF INTO ONE 24 HOUR DAY. STEVE'S MANDARIN IS THE WORST. If you are looking for ~deep intellectual meaning~ in your shows, this is like, the opposite of that. This show is about gleeing over Steve & Danny bantering FOREVER and being in awe of Kono, the fierce bitch that she is, and fangirling over Chin who is a calm motherfucker who is a million levels of badass. WHO NEEDS REALISM WHEN YOU HAVE AWESOME CHARACTERS? :D If you were kind of curious about this show or thinking about watching it, DEFINITELY DO. THE TEAM INTERACTION COMPELS YOU!!!


War Fandom - SO, a longggggg time ago I participated in the flood relief auction for Queensland and the lovely bachaboska won & threw an awesome AU plot bunny at me, which I promptly warped into some ridiculously humongous attempt at an action fic. The way it's headed, I think it's going to be a crossover between all three HBO series, with emphasis on GK and BoB--primary characters/pairing being Speirs & Lipton. It's kind of a supernatural thriller--Speirs is an FBI agent & Lipton is his CIA liaison, they stumble into something huge that they're not suppose to and even up having to hunt the organization responsible for everything that's happening down on their own. There's going to be a definite supernatural element to the things that are happening around them & all I really know is that it's going to be really long and I'm really really looking forward to writing it come the end of the semester. :D :D

Hawaii Five-0 - Y U TEMPT ME SO???? Seriously, all I want is Danny and Steve banter FOREVER. Idk if I will write for you, fandom, but you make it so hard to say no. :(

White Collar - Man I haven't properly stepped foot into this fandom in ages but at some point I really want to reread and edit Burnout & write that sequel I've been planning for AGES. I've been getting reviews on it recently which drew my attention back and I've never been satisfied with the way I left things. So that's definitely on my to-do list at some point.

The Social Network - Frick, I must have seen this movie like, a million times by now. xD I missed all of the awards stuff, damn. STILL PINING ABOUT THE FIC THAT I WANT TO WRITE BUT HAVEN'T HAD THE TIME--wonder if it's been written yet. >_> Seriously, there needs to be more hours in the day.

AIIIIGHT I'm done with this huge tl;dr post. I really hope that everyone's been doing well this year so far and if not, I hope things look up for you soon. <333

In closing: